Release of the report “The growth of ultra-processed foods in India – An analysis of trends, issues and recommendations” by World Health organisation”

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We are glad to share the report on trends and issues regarding ultra-processed foods in India published by WHO on 22nd August 2023. Our Founder Director Shri Dripto Mukhopadhyay is a co-author of this report. The other authors of the report are Prof. Arpita Mukherjee (ICRIER), Dr. Rachita Gupta (WHO) and Eshana Mukherjee (ICRIER). The report was launched followed by a panel discussion by eminent experts in the sector.  Considering the health impacts of ultra-processed foods, it is a well timed report that touches upon a few key aspects on policy issues. However, lot more work is needed on this to make sure that the food processing sector is able to grow removing the ill impacts on health of the population as well as without any adverse economic impact on economic aspects related to the sector. The report can be accessed using the link below. The WHO report can be accessed at:

The growth of ultra-processed foods in India by World Health Organisation, India


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