STAR (Sustainable Tourism Action Research) 

ACRA is keen to work on sustainable tourism development. Tourism being one of the mainstay of the Indian economy, it is important that the stakeholders of tourism industry understand and act on the sustainable tourism principles. ACRA desires to act as a catalyst towards that. This endevour of creating a sub-centre within ACRA as Sustainable Tourism Action Research Centre (STARC) is to fulfil the desire to help tourism community on various fronts.

STARC will work on various aspects of sustainable tourism at macro as well as micro level. It will bring synergy between tourism, environment, economy and culture. We shall delve into impact analysis, forecasting, household income estimations, climate change impact on tourism and vice versa. STARC will publish blogs, white papers, working papers and similar research resources that are critical to policy makers as well as business. We seek your good wishes to make this a success.