Our Work

ACRA takes up research studies and surveys in the following domain:
1. Industry and Consumer Research
We cover various sectors with latest data including competition analysis and market demand and similar requirements. We are specialised in providing micro-market related decision making support with our own and other databases. The sectors that can be beneficial from our collaboration are the sectors like:
– Automobile
– Consumer
– Durables
– Agriculture
– Education and skilling
– Health
– Information technology
– Tourism
– Spatial/regional development and inequality
2. Market Research and Surveys
We take up large scale survey pan India and research based on survey as well as secondary data. Apart from regular analysis, our expertise allows us to provide unique support to our clients in terms of decision making:
– Economic and social impact evaluations
– Forecasting
– Consumer behaviour, consumer location and future  consumption pattern identification
– Policy oriented research
– Macro-modelling
– Econometrics and statistical modelling
– Revenue predictions etc.
3. Economic and Social Impact Analysis
We undertake impact analysis for various sector including hardcore macro-economic modelling like:
– Input-Output analysis
– Social Accounting Matrix (SAM)
– Randomised Control Trial (RCT)
4. Forecasting and Predictive Modelling
We use advanced econometrics and analytics tools for:
– Forecasting and prediction purpose
– Econometrics and statistical models including OLS, Panel/error component models, time series, 2 stage/3 stage, probability based modes like logit/probit/tobit, clustering techniques etc.
– Advanced analytics including clustering techniques, neural network, ANN, text mining etc.
5. Monitoring and Evaluation as well as CSR studies
We undertake monitoring and evaluation studies with robust methodologies to support government decision making through gap identification in implementation
6. ACRA data products
– Macro-economic data including GDP, GSDP, GFCF, GVA etc. for a long time series for All India, State, Districts (wherever applicable)
– Household expenditure, asset ownership, income level and the similar ones at different geographic level
– Development sector data including Education, health, water and sanitation, environment, poverty, power, road, railways and similar ones at granular geographic level (wherever applicable)
– Granular data for various government schemes like MNERAGE, WASH, etc.
– Remote sensing data (satellite imagery) including nightlights, land use land cover, Points of Interests (ATM, banks, mall, school, hospitals and similar ones), road density etc. for granular geographic level