The research projects ACRA team members have worked since 2019

  1. Best MBA 2023 – Ranking of all MBA institutions/universities in India based on a multi-dimensional approach. The study covers 2 year MBA/PGDM or equivalent courses offered by any academic institution in India.
  2. Survey of Indian states and UTs related to Panchayat devolution. The survey includes state panchayat department, auditor general office, local fund office, three levels of panchayats – district, block and gram, gram sabha members and enlightened villagers.
  3. Working on policy measures to reduce consumption of alcoholic beverages products by categories considering revenue optimisation and dynamic pricing for a large state in India (2022-23) – for PLR Chambers
  4. Forecasting consumption of ultra-processed foods by sub-categories and essential/staple foods by sub-categories for next 10 years till 2032 using econometric technique (2022) – For ICRIER and World Health Organisation (WHO).
  5. Identifying potential of a district and its surroundings in Madhya Pradesh for crucial business decision making (2022) – For a large Indian Multinational.
  6. Extracting and analysing data from various domain including trade, industry, power, macro-economy, labour, concordance for NIC and SUT and constructing new IO table (2022-23)
  7. Identifying potential of a district and its surroundings in Madhya Pradesh for crucial business decision making (2022) – For a large Indian Multinational
  8. Developing A Framework to Increase Revenues, Protect Consumers and Provide Sustainability & Predictability to Industry for Alcobev Products (2022) – For PLR Chambers
  9. Potential impact of taxation on the demand for sugar sweetened beverages and unhealthy foods in India: Policy options and way forward (2022) – For Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI)
  10. A primary survey of about 1700 MSMEs in Delhi on micro credit related issues (2022) – For National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP)
  11. Estimating economic impact of book publishing industry in India using Input-Output model and Social Accounting Matrix (2022) – For Nielsen IQ and FIP
  12. Data extraction on key aspects for a financial study (2022) -For Queen Mary University of London (QMUL)
  13. Economic impact of covid 19 pandemic on Himachal Pradesh tourism – A district level study (2022) – Self sponsored study
  14. Estimating the economic impact of the industrial corridors along Purvanchal and Bundelkhand Expressways in Uttar Pradesh (2021 and 22) – For Ernst & Young
  15. Estimating economic, social and environmental impact of cooperative societies in India (2021and 22) – For Ernst & Young
  16. Policy analysis on reverse job work for Gems & Jewelry units in SEZs in India through understanding the impact of it on DTA revenue and employment (2021) – For ICRIER
  17. District level analysis of socio-demographic development in Haryana and identifying the changes over time (2021) – Self sponsored
  18. Evaluation of SARAL, an online service delivery platform of Haryana Government (2021) – With HIPA
  19. “Study on India and the Coronavirus Pandemic: Economic Losses for Households Engaged in Tourism and Policies for Recovery” (2021) – For NCAER
  20. Conducting telephonic survey using random digital dialing sampling technique to understanding financial Grievance – A study of Delhi NCR region (2020-21) – NIPFP
  21. Sell and purchase trends of processed foods and beverages in India: Analysis of trends over past decade and forecast till 2030 (2020) – ICRIER and WHO
  22. Assessment study in child labour in supply chain of Chilli sector in India (2020) – ICSSPL
  23. An evaluation of SARAL, an online service delivery platform of Haryana Government (2020) – With HIPA
  24. Conducting a survey on financial information of educational institution and health institution to be used for Education Satellite Account and Health Satellite Account for Uttarakhand Government (2020) – For NCAER
  25. Evolving a methodology for estimating latent electricity consumption demand using Remote Sensing Data (Nightlights and LULC) and other secondary data (2020) – For KPMG
  26. Understanding alcohol taxation system of different states to facilitate estimation of price elasticity of various alcohol products: Conducting a survey of excise departments and other stakeholders in various Indian states (2020) – For NCAER
  27. Economic Impact Assessment and other operation aspects of Homestay and B&BS in India (2019 and 2020) – For IAMAI
  28. Developing Consumer Demographic Scenario of Mumbai Metropolitan Region at City Ward Level granularity (2019) 18. – For CBRE
  29. Developing Consumer Demographic Scenario for Patna at City Ward Cluster granularity (2019) – For CBRE
  30. Prioritising Districts of Goa for Performance based Awards (2019) – For India Today
  31. Conducting Survey on Understanding Financial Product Purchase Behaviour  – An Experimental Economics Study covering 9000 plus households in Delhi (2019 and 2020) – The paper based on this work is published in – For IIM Ahmedabad
  32. Corporate Trainings in India – Perspective from Industry Professionals (2019) – For IAMAI
  33. Consumer Demographic Analysis for Mumbai Metropolitan City (2019) – JLL
  34. Estimating costs for centralised and decentralised waste management practices: A study of Delhi, Panaji, Mysuru and Gurgaon (2019) – Chintan
  35. State-wise index of inclusive development in India (2019) – Self sponsored