Research and Data Products

Research Areas

  1. Economic and Development Sector Research
  • Analysing and forecasting consumption behaviour, using robust modelling including at a granular level
  • Facilitating decision making through revenue prediction modelling including demand estimation, premiumisation, upgradation strategies
  • Economic impact analysis including usage of macro modelling such as Input-Output analysis, Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) etc.
  • Social impact analysis including RCT
  • Corporate social responsibility related studies
  • Health, education, livelihood, water and sanitation etc.
  • Poverty, child labour, inclusive development
  • Environmental impact analysis including sectors like tourism

2. Market Research

  • Industry studies, market demand assessment and forecasting, predictive modelling
  • Market Opportunity Assessment, Competition Mapping
  • Market Prioritization including Catchment Analysis
  • Usage & Attitude/ advertisement strategy, Consumer satisfaction surveys
  • Branding studies, New Product/ Concept Testing

3. Core Analytics Based Research

  • Big data analytics and econometrics using various regression techniques, various clustering techniques,  neural network, text mining, image analysis and the similar ones.
  • Data visualisation and Dashboard creation using
                                                                  Tools We Use

Data Products

  1. Macro-economic data including GDP, GSDP, GFCF, GVA etc. for a long time series for All India, State, Districts (wherever applicable)
  2. Development sector data including Education, health, water and sanitation, environment, poverty, power, road, railways and similar ones at granular geographic level (wherever applicable)
  3. Granular data for various government schemes like MNERAGE etc.
  4. Remote sensing data (satellite imagery) including nightlights, land use land cover, Points of Interests (ATM, banks, mall, school, hospitals and similar ones), road density etc. for granular geographic level

ACAR Data Products