Research Areas

Research Areas

  1. Economic and Development Sector Research
  • Analysing and forecasting consumption behaviour, using robust modelling including at a granular level
  • Facilitating decision making through revenue prediction modelling including demand estimation, premiumisation, upgradation strategies
  • Economic impact analysis including usage of macro modelling such as Input-Output analysis, Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) etc.
  • Social impact analysis including RCT
  • Corporate social responsibility related studies
  • Health, education, livelihood, water and sanitation etc.
  • Poverty, child labour, inclusive development
  • Environmental impact analysis including sectors like tourism

2. Market Research

  • Industry studies, market demand assessment and forecasting, predictive modelling
  • Market Opportunity Assessment, Competition Mapping
  • Market Prioritization including Catchment Analysis
  • Usage & Attitude/ advertisement strategy, Consumer satisfaction surveys
  • Branding studies, New Product/ Concept Testing

3. Core Analytics Based Research

  • Big data analytics and econometrics using various regression techniques, various clustering techniques,  neural network, text mining, image analysis and the similar ones.
  • Data visualisation and Dashboard creation using
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