Who we are and what we do

Welcome to Ascension Centre for Research and Analytics (ACRA). ACRA is a new firm engaged in economic, environment and social research with the help of advanced methodologies and technology. Currently, we work based in Noida (Gautam Buddha Nagar) which is the fastest growing commercial hub of Delhi-NCR. The domains we have strong expertise are:

  • Core economic research including sector specific researches like automobile, FMCG, Durables etc., forecasts, regulatory policy research, modelling based economic impact evaluations and similar ones.
  • Consumer economic research including consumer behaviour, consumer locations and likely future pattern to emerge in over consumer space.
  • Sustainability studies including assessing carbon footprint, climate change and its likely impact as well as mitigation measures, smart city development
  • Development sector research including education, health, poverty and other social areas.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility studies and related impact assessments
  • Tourism studies including sustainability, forecast, environmental impacts etc.
  • Value added market research and strategy research at granular geographic space.
  • All India basis large scale surveys and survey based studies

Our endevour is to provide complete and robust solutions to clients for a stress-free decision making with the help of advanced quantitative and qualitative insights. We use innovative methodologies with latest technology and data with passion, integrity and transparency for our clients. Finally, we have an experienced, dynamic, multi-disciplinary and integrity-oriented team that is always ready to help clients and society with positive attitude.

Our Team

Ascension Centre for Research and Analytics (ACRA) team is a combination of multi-disciplinary talents and with a mix of experience. We have Economists, Spatial Planning experts, Environmental Scientists, experts in Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System (GIS), Management graduates and Advanced Analytics experts. Ascension’s major strength is its researchers with passion for research and analytics to contribute to the businesses and to the realm of knowledge for various policy related and other decision making. A bunch of dynamic, skilled and integrity-oriented researchers have created an open environment for research and analysis with an objective of providing unbiased solutions.

Ascension is lead by Dripto Mukhoapdhay. Dripto is the founder and CEO of the firm. Dripto has an experience of working in applied scientific researchareas for more than 22 years . He attended Calcutta University, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) at New Delhi and Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) at Delhi University for his academic career. He started his professional career with National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER), New Delhi. Dripto worked with this prestigious and one of the most reputed applied economic research institutes of India and the world, for more than a decade. After moving from NCAER, Dripto worked for a small stint with couple of market research and social research firms. He joined Indicus Analytics Pvt. Ltd., a renowned and boutique economic research firm in 2008. He worked with Nielsen India after Nielsen took over Indicus Analytics for two years. He joined Samsung India Electronic Ltd. as Research and Planning Head with the Strategy and Business Innovation team at Samsung after moving from Nielsen. Finally, he decided to launch Ascension to fulfill his passion for developing a research firm that can contribute positively to business community, policy makers and all others who can leverage authentic and robust research outputs and data products for stress-free decision making.