Best B-School Ranking Survey 2023

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It is a pleasure for us to share the we have started Best B-School Ranking survey 2023 for Fortune India and OPEN Magazines . Mails are sent to about 2500 business schools in India. We already received data and other supporting documents a significantly large number of institutes. Since we received requests from multiple schools to extend the deadline, we have extended the same till May 10th 2023. We encourage all business schools to participate so that a robust ranking can be achieved. We are following a scientific and robust methodology to to obtain an unbiased result so that the business schools as well as the student community can be benefitted. Also, this is an objective analysis WITHOUT ANY FEE. We request everyone to share this with their contacts so that a robust study can be done.

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B School Ranking Cell

Ascension Centre for Research and Analytics (ACRA)


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