Completed a Massive Data Collation and Analysis Project

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We just completed a commissioned project on collation and analysing humongous amount of raw data for National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER). This includes economic data from various sources:

  1. Comptroller and Auditor General data for all states of India for multiple years
  2. Export data by commodity at the state level from DGCI&S
  3. Annual Survey of Industries for multiple years
  4. Periodic Labour Force Survey for multiple years
  5. Power generation
  6. State GVA and GFCF by economic activities
  7. Inter-state movement of goods and creating a dashboard for the dataset
  8. Developing concordance between National Industrial Classification and Supply and Use Table 2018-19
  9. Developing concordance between HS Code (export-import) and Supply and Use Table 2018-19
  10. Converting ASI, PLFS, Export data by SUT code from NIC and HS.

A huge data work is completed in a very short time. It was possible only because of extremely dedicated team members who has worked day and night without complaints to complete the project on time. Usage of advance excel as well as Python tools could only made this possible. An immensely satisfying project at the end.

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