Implication of taxation on consumption of unhealthy food items

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Healthy life of the population is key to development. However, with rising disposable income across different segments of population, food habits change. Often it is noticed that increase in disposable income leads to unhealthy food habits, knowingly or unknowingly. With high incidences of diabetes, bad cholesterol and many associated diseases it is important that government devises a mechanism to curb consumption of food articles that are harmful for health of the population across all segments. One of the ways is to impose higher taxes on such items that are identified as harmful in short and long term. Though a lot has already been done towards this on principle, a long way to go, especially keeping in mind strong lobbies of such products.

Our Lead Dripto Mukhopadhyay is working on a small assignment to measure implications of tax increase on sweetened soft beverages, Sugar and high fat sugar salt (HFSS) products. Extremely intriguing engagement though small.

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