Tourism data to be available from January 2019 beginning

Tourism is one of the most important sectors in terms of income and employment generation in India as well as the world. However, data driven research is yet to be taken serious attention from researchers. Ascension Centre for Research and Analytics wants to promote tourism research by providing long time series data collated from government sources so that one can save enormous time and effort in collating data from different sources and volumes. Following are the collated tourism data in Indian context we are making available in our website from January beginning of 2019.

  • Foreign tourist arrivals to India – 2003 to 2017
  • Foreign tourist arrivals from different countries to India – 2003 to 2017
  • Month-wise Foreign tourist arrivals to India – 2003 to 2017
  • Age-wise foreign tourist arrivals – 2003 to 2017
  • Gender-wise foreign tourist arrivals – 2003 to 2017
  • Nationality-wise foreign tourist arrivals to India by purpose – 2003 to 2017
  • Port of disembarkment of foreign tourists – 2003 to 2017
  • Number of domestic tourists in India – 2003 to 2017
  • Number of domestic tourists in India by destination state – 2003 to 2017
  • Month-wise foreign exchange earning in Rs. And in US Dollars – 2003 to 2017

Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism studies are part of our core research strengths. considering tourism industry contributing to more than 8% of total carbon emissions in the world, we consider this area of research can play key role in promoting sustainable business and sustainable development. Our tourism studies include forecasting, carbon emission estimation by tourism activities and likely solution towards that, tourists behaviour by segments, destination analysis and such areas of interests to business and policy makers.

Current studies in progress:

  1. Forecasting Foreign Tourist Arrivals to India from Top 20 Country of Origins till 2019 to 2024 – To be completed by March 2019 
  2. Forecasting Domestic Tourism in India by State 2019 to 2014 – To be completed by February end 2019
  3. Key Characteristics of Outbound Tourists from India – To be completed by January end 2019
  4. Tourism and Awareness about Environmental Degradation – A Case Study of Indian Domestic Tourists – To be completed by April 2019