Economic data to be available from January beginning 2019

One of the biggest challenge for researchers is to collate data from different sources, especially if any time series analysis is intended. Our endeavour is to promote and facilitate research, for students, institution researchers, teachers, corporate and others, through providing collated time series data on India’s macro economic scenario from different data government data sources. All current data is provided for free to anyone who wants to download the data and work. The time series data that can save significant time on part of a researcher, is priced at a low price to cover the cost of that data collation. The following data will be available in our website from January beginning 2019.

Macro Economic Variables Years
Bank Rate ( Monthly) 2012 -2018
Cash Reserve Ratio ( Monthly) 2012 -2018
Cash-Deposit Ratio ( Monthly) 2012 -2018
Consumer Price Index ( Commodity Wise) 2011 -2018
Consumer Price Index (Annual) 2012 -2018
Consumer price index – Industrial worker wise 2012 -2018
Consumer Price Index – Industrial Worker- city wise 1998 -2012
Bank Credit ( Monthly) 2005 -2018
Credit-Deposit Ratio ( Monthly) 2012 -2018
Bank Deposits ( Monthly) 2005 -2018
Exports (Monthly) 2005 -2018
Foreign Exchange 2012 -2018
Foreign Trade (Monthly ) 1998 -2018
Gross Domestic Product annual ( Current and constant) 1961 -2018
Gross Domestic Product – Growth Rate 1961 -2017
Gross Domestic Product by sector and state    1990 – 2018
Gross Value Added and it’s components (Quarterly) 2011 -2018
Gross Value Added Sector wise ( Current and Constant)  2011 – 2018
Gross Value AddedState wise 1990 – 2015
Imports ( Monthly) 2005 -2018
Incremental Credit-Deposit Ratio ( Monthly) 2012 -2018
Incremental Investment-Deposit Ratio ( Monthly) 2012 -2018
Index of Industrial Production ( Sector Wise) 2005 -2018
Index of Industrial Production (Annual) 2005 -2018
Investment in Govt. Securities ( Monthly) 2005 -2018
Investment-Deposit Ratio ( Monthly) 2012 -2018
MCLR ( Monthly) 2012 -2018
Private final consumption annual ( current and constant) 1961 -2018
Private final consumption Expenditure ( product wise) 1999 – 2017
Whole sale price Index ( monthly- commodity wise) 1994 – 2018
Wholesale Price Index ( Annual) 2012 -2018


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Economic Research


Ascension Centre for Research and Analytics (ACRA) tracks macroeconomic changes closely. We study India’s evolving econo-political relationships with other countries and analyse the policy and business implications of such changes. Our analyses include industry, agriculture, infrastructure, trade, poverty and other related economic changes and their implications. Our special strength is economic analysis over geographic space involving advanced econometric and statistical technique. Our analyses also involve macro modelling involving Input-Output analysis, Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) and other relevant techniques especially for economic impact analysis.

Current Studies in Progress:

  1. Assessment of Skill Gaps in India: A White Paper (Sponsor – IAMAI) To be completed by March end, 2019
  2. Understanding Consumer Behaviour towards Purchasing Insurance Products: An Experimental Economics Study (Sponsor – IIM Ahmedabad/ Warwick University) To be completed by Mid May 2019
  3. Inclusive Growth in India: Realistic Insights Through Deep Diving – To be completed Mid March 2019
  4. Economic Impact of Road Development on Indian Economy – To be completed Mid April 2019