1. Global economy may be slowing more than expected, warns IMF https://mybs.in/2VrcVST
  1. India needs more reforms to breach 8% growth ceiling: NITI Aayog VC https://mybs.in/2Vrcx2R
  2. How Can We Use Artificial Intelligence To Prevent Crime? https://www.forbes.com/sites/nikitamalik/2018/11/26/how-can-we-use-artificial-intelligence-to-prevent-crime/?ss=ai-big-data#41425f07498c
  3. Here’s Why Data Scientists Should Embrace Graph Analyticshttps://www.analyticsindiamag.com/heres-why-data-scientists-should-embrace-graph-analytics/
  4. Emissions Gap Report 2018 https://www.unenvironment.org/resources/emissions-gap-report-2018

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