“Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter” — Izaak Walton

Izaak Walton’s above words are equally valid for businesses as well as social sector development. What do we mean by “Linking Business, Economics, Consumer and Environment for a Meaningful Solution”? You all will agree with me that today’s business decisions are much different and difficult compared to that of 10 years back. Business today does not have spatial barrier any further. Not only because of advent of online business technology, but also offline businesses today looks for expanding beyond geographical boundaries. And, while one plans for business strategies for today and tomorrow, one needs to take care of multiple dimensions at present. The business decisions are no further a production-sales game, but much beyond that. Today sustainability factors plays a big role in any business decision. Competitions are many-fold compared to previous days. Consumers are more aware and connected. But, while these constraints are increasing day by day, opportunities are also increasing equally. However, only the agile, dynamic and open minded entities can take advantage of these opportunities shrugging off these constraints.

Ascension is here to support you in making your decisions, whether you are in business, or in policy making or a knowledge builder or NGO who intends to contribute the best to help the society and communities to progress from one level to the next, fighting all odds. Our expertise allows us to understand each of the components as mentioned in the tag line in greater details with an unbiased perspective and stitch them together meaningfully and discernibly. Our insights encompasses all these components while developing solutions to provide a holistic view instead of a partial and narrow view. Therefore, you are assured of a stress free decision making when we work together for creating a better environment, be it physical or economic or business or at the social front.



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